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Leslie Starts Working Evenings and Weekends At the Kirk Market

Leslie joined the Kirk Market Team, as a Groundsman, on the 15th of February, 2013. Kirk Market is a fully stocked grocery store in the Cayman Islands with excellent offerings of fresh produce, meat & seafood, organic & special dietary […]

Leslie Gets A Second Heart Disease Diagnosis

After Leslie and I left crossed the border into Costa and arrived in San Jose, we stayed at a hostel in Paseo Colon that I used to stay at during my border runs from Panama. We stayed there for about 3 nights and then I took Leslie to Hostel Bekuo to stay for 3 more […]

IDF Medic Diagnosed Leslie’s Heart Disease

Leslie and I were staying at the Hostel Refugio del Rio in Boquete, Chirique, panama. It was right next door to accomodation owned by some good friends of mine from Germany. My friends properties were all booked up so I arranged for us to stay at the refugio del […]