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Leslie Drove Himself To The Emergency Room And Was Put On Drip!

One day our mother mentioned to me that my brother Leslie had come home really late from his evening job the night before. Actually he had arrived sometime in the early hours of the morning. She said she enquired as to why he was so late. She said he told her he […]

Leslie Was Not Welcome To Use The Bathroom Facilities

During the course of our childhood and into adulthood, I recall the struggles my brother had being able to use the bathroom facilities in the house where he grew up. Our dirty old man never wanted him to use the bathroom facilities in the house. He was always trying to get him to urinate and […]

Leslie Was Not Allowed To Use The Laundry Facilities

After my unfortunate return to our childhood house {I never considered it a home so I never intentionally call it that). I noticed that my brother Leslie was taking his laundry to a laundry mat to have it washed. I asked him why he didn’t do his laundry at the house as there were laundry […]


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