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Baby Leslie’s First Birthday Present!

I recall it was on or about my brother Leslie’s 1st birthday, I was at home with baby Leslie, our father and someone else. I don’t recall if our mother was present on this occasion. Baby Leslie was hungry and started crying for food. Our father went into the kitchen to heat up […]

Baby Leslie Gets Kicked Unconscious By Father!

I was sitting at the dining table and baby Leslie was crawling around on the floor. His mother was running around the house doing random housework as usual. His father was semi-intoxicated, sitting watching television, near the front door. Little baby Leslie […]

Baby Leslie Is Brought Home After Premature Birth On Christmas Day!

Premature babies (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy) may face health problems or birth defects that may hinder these babies from developing as they normally would. Learn about the long-term health effects of […]


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