Baby Leslie Gets Kicked Unconscious By Father!

Baby Leslie Gets Kicked Unconscious By Father!

I was sitting at the dining table and baby Leslie was crawling around on the floor. His mother was running around the house doing random housework as usual.

His father was semi-intoxicated, sitting watching television, near the front door. Little baby Leslie was happily crawling around on the floor with a very happy smile on his little face, and his favorite stuffed toy in his hand.

He must have caught sight of his father, who he really loved, despite all his father had done to him. His smile got even brighter as he maneuvered towards his father.

As baby Leslie approached, his father looked down at him with a hateful stare, drew back his leg, and kicked the little baby in the forehead as hard as he could!

Baby Leslie was knocked unconscious by the force of the blow.

At the same time, something went POP in my head. I was left with a load ringing sound in my head and ears. My heart was racing, I thought my brother was dead!

Our mother appered and I thought she was going to call the police and we’d final have this evil man removed from our lives.

To my astonishment, she did nothing of the sort! She didn’t even call medical attention for the baby, who eventually regained consciousness.

Author’s note: The exact date and time of the following events are not known. They have had to be approximated in order to post the content.


Michael Hydes says:

No one knows what sort of damage baby Leslie sustained internally on this occasion. He was never evaluated by a medical professional.

His father never faced justice for this act or any other before it and would go on to inflict more head trama on little Leslie as time went by.

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