Leslie Was Not Allowed To Use The Laundry Facilities

Leslie Was Not Allowed To Use The Laundry Facilities

After my unfortunate return to our childhood house {I never considered it a home so I never intentionally call it that). I noticed that my brother Leslie was taking his laundry to a laundry mat to have it washed.

I asked him why he didn’t do his laundry at the house as there were laundry facilities available in a shed behind the house. He didn’t give me a definite answer as to why he was not doing his laundry at the house.

I asked our mother about the situation and her reply was rather evasive.

I surmised that the dirty old man would not open the utility shed to allow Leslie to access the laundry facilities. I asked Leslie if this was the case and he more or less confirmed my suspicions to be correct.

Author’s note: The exact date and time of the following events are not known. They have had to be approximated in order to post the content.


Michael Hydes says:

Now that Leslie is gone, I find myself having the same issue accessing the laundry facilities. The dirty old man will not allow access and when he does it entails the usual verbal abuse and invalidation from the old lady’s immigration monkey.

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