Leslie Could No Longer Sleep Lying Down!

Leslie Could No Longer Sleep Lying Down!

At various times during the time that Leslie contracted what appeared to have been the flu. I would have to pass through his room in order to get to the bathroom.

There were only two ways to get to the bathroom in the house, through Leslie’s room or through his father’s room.

I tried to limit contact with the latter so I opted to use the route via Leslie’s room whenever possible.

I would often observe Leslie sleeping sitting in his bed. Being concerned that he would fall and injure himself, I would wake him and try to get him to lay down instead.

Many times Leslie would gesture me to go away. I would after explaining my concerns to him.

I brought it to the attention of our mother and tried to get her to understand that this was not normal, that something was wrong!

He asked me why I didn’t leave Leslie alone. He said that if he wanted to sleep like that it was his choice. She showed no concern whatsoever that something could be wrong.

So I continued to try and get Leslie to lay down rather than sitting up whenever I saw him sleeping sitting up.


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