Isreali Medics Diagnosed Leslie’s Health Condition

Isreali Medics Diagnosed Leslie’s Health Condition

Leslie and I were staying at the Hostel Refugio del Rio in Boquete, Chirique, panama. It was right next door to accomodation owned by some good friends of mine from Germany.

My friends properties were all booked up so I arranged for us to stay at the refugio del rio instead. It was also a very nice environment and a good base from which to explore Boquete.

One day after we had arrived another delegation of travelers arrived. They were from Isreal. Many were IDF personnel on leave from duty, and others were with doctors without borders.

Leslie struck up a conversation with some of them while in the kitchen. They were preparing a traditional meal and Leslie was invited to dine with them.

After lunch we were all lounging in the garden of the hostel. Facing a stream which ran through the grounds of the property.

I recall we were having a conversation about health and fitness. I was explaining why I was a little hard on my brother Leslie earlier about his eating.

I made a reference to my brother being overweight. One of the Isrealis was a Russian-Isreali. He said he did not think Leslie was overweight. He said he thought Leslie’s weight was mostly fluid.

He said my brother may have an undiagnosed heart condition. That’s when my mind went back to what my maternal grandmother had told me around Leslie’s first birthday.

She had said Leslie had a congentinal heart defect that would neevr be diagnosed. I told the medic Leslie was recently diagnosed with hypertention. He said it was up to me to make sure it gets diagnosed.

I said I would try but it would be difficult as no one in my family listens to me, includimg my little brother Leslie.

I then shared the story about what happened to Leslie when his father torn his wart off his face and I reminded his mother about his congenital heart defect that her mother said he had.

Author’s note: The exact date and time of the following events are not known. They have had to be approximated in order to post the content.


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