Three Gifts For Four Kids Little Leslie Was Always Left Out!

Three Gifts For Four Kids Little Leslie Was Always Left Out!

On many occasions Leslie’s father would come home from work with presents, trinkets, or other gifts for his kids.

That was all fine and good, however, there was one little problem!

Our parents had four kids, but our father would only ever bring three gifts!

Leslie’s father would come inside and call all his kids and show off one of the gifts to all of them.

He’d make them giddy with anticipation and excitement!

Then he’d present each child with a gift, each child except little Leslie…

I’ll never forget the look on my little brother’s face everytime he’d see all of his siblings receive a present from his father, and he’d be left empty handed!

I’ll also never forget the look of evil joy and satisfaction his father got everytime he saw little Leslie’s reaction to his cruel deed.

He crated and calculated his actions to inflect the maximum amount of psychological pain and suffering on the little child.

He’d also forbid any of Leslie’s other siblings from sharing their gifts with Leslie.

However, on many occasions I’d give my gift to our mom and she’d share it with Leslie, either within or without sight of his father.

A similiar scenario would play out when our father would rent VHS movies.

On those occasions he would gather us in the living room and tell everyone what movies we were going to watch. He addressed us individually, all except Leslie.

Just before he would start the movie he would tell Leslie to get out of the room!

Leslie would react with an expression of disappointment, rejection, sadness, dejection, and would often burst into tears of uncontrollable crying.

Our father appeared to to get a rise out of these reactions as well as the reactions of the rest of us. Our mother would protest on Leslie’s behalf most of the time.

If any of Leslie’s siblings tried to exciuse themselves in solidarity with him, Our father would forbid us to leave the room. We were forced to watch the movies without our brother Leslie being present.

Our father also appeared to get a rise out of the expressions of discomfort on our faces during this time. Especially if there were any tears involved.

Our father would also banish Leslie from the dinner tabele whenever our mother tried to make us eat together as a family.

Author’s note: The following scenario played out many times throughout Leslie’s childhood. It’s been posted here at this point in Leslie’s timeline for the sake of avoiding redundancy.


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