Final Days

Condolences From Leslie’s Lighthouse School Colleagues

It is with deep sadness and regret to inform you that Mr Lesile Hydes Jr, our Groundsman, passed away early in the morning hours, April 21, 2020. Mr. Leslie has been an integral and committed member of the LHS family for closer to 20 years. Mr Leslie will be greatly […]

Leslie’s Tribute From His Workplace Colleagues

Tribute from the Special Oylmpics Community to our dear colleague, Mr Leslie Hydes Jr. SOCI lost a beloved Coach, Unified Partner and friend. Leslie Hydes Jr. started playing Bocce with SOCI in 2011 competing in the 2015 World Games in Bocce as a Unified Partner and […]

Leslie The Delivery Boy Makes His Last Delivery!

I was sitting in the living room of our childhood house. I had several things on my mind. One of the things that was on my mind was how I could convince my younger brother Leslie that he needed to seek medical attention ASAP! Yesterday I learned from Leslie that a […]


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