Child Abuse

Three Gifts For Four Kids!

On many occasions Leslie’s father would come home from work with presents, trinkets, or other gifts for his kids. That was all fine and good, however, there was one little problem! Our parents had four kids, but our father would only ever bring three gifts! Leslie’s father […]

Little Leslie Was Terrorized All Night During His Primary School Years!

On several occasions during my primary education years, I would awaken during the night with a deep sense of concern for my little brother’s wellbeing. On several occasions I would venture into his room to check to see if he was ok, only to find him in serious […]

Leslie’s Father Ripped A Wart Right Off His Face!

I arrived home one day with our mother. We found blood on the floor of our mother’s room. We found Leslie in there as well. He had his hand over his nose. It was covered in blood. He was crying. We asked him what had happened. He struggled to speak, however, chocking […]